MAAT thEQred - masterointi EQ

- jos jotakin taajuutta tarvitsee korostaa niin tässä eq siihen. Kokeile esim. 2-4 kHz laululle niin jo vain toimii.

- erittäin musikaalinen EQ

A unique equalizer with linear phase precision and velvet softness. For mastering ears, and other discerning engineers.

There are several frequency-domain, linear phase EQs on the market, but thEQred, with its wide, 80 bit double precision processing and optimized-for-fidelity algorithm, will bring a new sense of transparency to your work.
With all the features and functionality of Algorithmix's beloved original LP PEQ Red, the feature-packed thEQred brings so much more. Use its powerful processing and double precision I/O for:

  • Mastering and remastering tasks on complex, high fidelity mixes
  • Removing unwanted ultrasonic content from HRA recordings
  • Identifying resonances with ease when sweeping, due to the low inherent ringing
  • Putting mixes with too much DC or a super fat kick on a diet
  • Uncolored aesthetic equalization of acoustic performances, perfect for classical, jazz and folk
  • VariSlope rebalancing of unbalanced mixes
  • Adding super-clear and inconspicuous "air" to dark material

All true linear phase EQs have similar specs. Dirac spikes and other artificial test signals will produce about the same results regardless of whose product you try. A solo chime or kick drum track is not what thEQred was designed for. As for all our thEQ products, it excels at equalizing actual music!

What not to use thEQred for is tracking or mixing! thEQred is a low channel count plug-in, designed for the master buss and mastering. Due to the insane complexity of the algorithm, thEQred has a hefty CPU demand. It's not a "light weight" but sounds great !

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