MAAT thEQblue - mix & mastering EQ

Beautiful analog architectures, six or twelve in all, that will take your work out of the ordinary.

Looking for "color" without all the downsides of outboard gear and modeling? thEQblue is a collection of twelve 80 bit minimum phase equalizer architectures derived from reverse engineering a variety of well respected hardware EQs. thEQblue also includes proprietary FiDef® technology to draw listeners in with deeper involvement.

thEQblue are idealized digital versions, with no noise, distortion or other secondary effects inherited from analog. Series and Parallel architectures are available as are all the features and fidelity our thEQ family is known for.

With a very wide range of choices, you are ready to tackle any job with a subtle or obvious approach.

  • Tracking, mixing & mastering
  • HRA post including ultrasonic tailoring
  • Broadcast production & post
  • Game production
  • Reinforcement: microphone response improvement, speaker deficiencies correction, acoustic compensation
  • Sound design & enhancement
  • Restoration & correction of transmission losses

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