Plug your audience into a more compelling experience.

FiDef'd audio doesn't measure louder and the power spectrum is not changed. In fact, there's only the addition of what seems to be a veil of added noise. That noise is what's special, it's the FiDef signal massaging your subconscious. 

Your audience will feel their music like never before, but that's not all...

  • Mixing: improve definition of individual mix elements
  • Mastering: bring out the best of each project
  • Broadcast: production & post
  • Games: enhance envelopment
  • Forensics: improve intelligibility
  • Sound design: "spotlight" individual elements
  • Restoration: broaden spatiality

FiDef JENtwo provide five profiles, each for a different effect. To make it easier to mentally map each Profile to something less abstract and more intuitive, you can rename them to taste...

  • TRUCKN: subtle sweetening (the default)
  • TRUCKN HUSH: a lower perceived amplitude version of TRUCKN for widely dynamic content
  • SUTRO: draws your attention to frequencies above 8 kHz, resulting in a widened soundstage with accentuation of transient detail
  • RESNO: points the listener toward the upper mids, resulting in added texture to vocals and other instruments
  • EVOSE: with warm forwardness, this Profile builds on RESNO and turns it up to 11

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