The only universal Loudness metering solution, from the guys who helped pave the way for Loudness normalization.

DRM2 combines mandated R128 and A/85 loudness measurements with an improved version of our DR dynamic range metering standard. DRM2 includes several industry firsts, all designed to help you be more productive.


  • The first loudness meter designed for general use and specifically for music production
  • The only loudness meter displaying channel-specific trends and events with classic L/R metering
  • DRMeter MkII is also the first plug-in to offer official DRi dynamic range, just like our DROffline batch utility
  • Dynamic Deviation, an intuitive presentation of your current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness
  • DRM2 is also the first loudness meter with DualVu™. Displaying both Relative and Absolute scales simultaneously makes loudness metering more intuitive and easier to understand.


  • D-MODE: DR - MAAT's renowned DR dynamic range standard; PSR - Peak-to-Short-term Ratio; LRA - Loudness Range
  • L-MODE: RMS, Momentary Loudness, Short-term Loudness
  • Integrated: DRi, LUi (Program Loudness)

Price including VAT 24%:

139.00 €