GIK Acoustics


We started as GIK Acoustics dealer for acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusors. We have been using GIK Acoustics products for years and they are excellent in what they do.

After building three recording studios (and demolishing two of them) we started to think this kind of concept. Recording studio is not cheap to design and build + they are laborious and expensive to accomplish. This is emphasized if the space is rented and you need to leave no matter what. On top of that we have been doing 15...

Api Audio in stock. Check from the webshop which products are available right away.

In summer 2022 we are getting Api 1608-II analog console to our studio for testing and demo purposes. Console is equipped with API Final Touch Automation. Come to listen the API Sound!



We signed MAAT Digital Authorized Reseller Agreement and our territory includes Finland, Sweden. Latvia and Estonia.

Kii Audio


We started Kii Audio speakers distribution in Finland.

Buzz Audio


We started Buzz Audio distribution in Finland.