Pro Audio Finland Oy is API Audio Authorized reseller in Finland.

Few words from the Larry Drappa, President of API Audio:

Today API is both pleased and gratified to continue to play a major role in the recording and production of music. We recently celebrated the fifth decade of manufacturing the best audio gear we can as API delivers that same warm analog "magic" that we have been known for since the 1960s.

The "standard" API products like the 512c Mic Preamp, 525 Compressor, the 550A and 550b EQs continue to win listening tests, technology awards, and new fans, while the "newer" products such as the 512v Mic Preamp, 2500+ Bus Compressor, the 527 and 529 Compressors and the phenomenally successful AXS, 2448, 1608, and THE BOX consoles demonstrate just why API gear is involved in so many of today's top recorded projects - everything from production-quality demos to chart-topping hits.

With our long-standing tradition of providing a no hassle, 5-year parts warranty on every product we make, the demand for API continues to increase. I invite you to make an investment in the API tradition, and in turn, I would like to welcome you to the 'API club' of enthusiastic and dedicated Audio Professionals.


Kii's mission for the THREE was to break the sonic mould of compact speakers. Powerful small speakers with deep bass have been around for a while now but none so far sounded like a big speaker. The THREE is built to fix that.

Basic acoustics tells us that a classic box speaker only directs sound towards the listeners from the midrange up while bass frequencies are radiated all around. The frequency where this change happens depends on the size of the box front (the "baffle"). The smaller the baffle, the higher the frequency at which bass is still radiated all around instead of directed towards the listener.

That in short is why big speakers have so far delivered much more precise timing and detail in the bass and low mids than small speakers: the room gets less chance to interfere. And that is what Kii has now managed to make a compact speaker do.


Here at Buzz Audio we manufacture gear for analogue recording, mixing and mastering - be it music, voice, sound effects or what ever you do. We have been building gear since 1990, and designer Tim Farrant has been in the audio business since 1980. Some of our products take inspiration from the classic designs of the past, but unlike so many other manufacturers today we are original - we do not clone or copy other peoples work. And, unlike many other major brands, we still build everything by hand - no surface mount.

So why choose our products;

  • boutique original circuit design
  • innovative solutions to sound recording & mixing tasks
  • hand made by people who care about their work
  • solid construction to last many years
  • proven track record in reliability since 1993
  • modular & serviceable construction (no surface mount)
  • personal after sale customer support
  • they sound damn good!

MAAT Digital


Three good reasons...First off, we're a small company with deep roots. Second, we are unequivocal in our search for quality. Third; we only do audio.

Deep roots...Between the four of us, we have a century and a half of pro and CE audio experience. We've worked for the Big Boys, including Sony and Universal, Sennheiser and Lexicon, Apple and Studer, as well as small mom and pop outfits, labels and artists who are just as dedicated to quality product as we are.

Speaking of quality, we've all spent our careers working for and with the top echelon of manufacturers and engineering compatriots. Quality isn't simply a marketing slogan around here, it's what we strive for every day. More importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to pull it off.

At MAAT, we pay particular attention to clarity with minimalism. The latter because that's part of our "design language" - visually unobtrusive UIs, serif labeling, et cetera. We deviate from that where it makes sense but generally we stick to a simple path.

We mentioned that we only do audio. That's an understatement. We live, breath and eat audio. O.K., maybe not that last one but in between sips of imperial IPA or amaro, we really can't shut up about audio. Music is our life, and we hope yours too. Please join us in our pursuit of the ultimate in fidelity and performance.

GIK Acoustics

#1 Choice for Acoustic Products. 

Each year GIK Acoustics treats more than 5,000 rooms worldwide with acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusors from our locations in the U.S. and Europe. We are the #1 choice for recording studios, listening rooms, home theaters, restaurants, churches, and live auditoriums. GIK Acoustics not only provides the largest selection of high quality, patented, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but we provide clients with professional design assistance and friendly support staff to help achieve the best acoustically sounding space possible