Pro Studio-concept

We developed Pro Studio-concept for situations where you want your studio and your professional monitoring to travel with you, no matter where you are working. Your studio is not anymore in one physical address as it can be movable to another place when ever you want. You invest only to equipments, not acoustic constructions, floating floors or walls etc.

  1. three different product range depending how much you move and what you do
  2. no fixed structures - studio moves when you move
  3. no big investments to walls, heavy acoustic structures etc. - these are expensive to build and demolish
  4. no construction permit - everything is movable and de-assembly is made easy and fast
  5. you might be moving a lot because of the nature of your work but still want professional monitoring which you can trust
  6. you might work occasionally abroad and you should carry everything safely and protected to destination
  7. can be purchased with Leasing-financing as we deliver the setup for you in one order

Pro Studio VAULT - you mainly work in one fixed place but occasionally you need to make projects outside your studio. 

  • first mapping and budgeting
  • room audio measurements
  • acoustic planning using removable and movable acoustic elements and -panels.
  • Kii Three speakers, with BXT expansion or without + Kii Control
  • extra audioprocessing according to result from measuring and after acoustic elements installation
  • other necessary studio equipments to fixed or mobile racks like 500 series lunchboxes, converters, microphones etc.

Pro Studio MOBILE - for audiopersons who are always moving. Whole setup goes with you around the world if have to. Safely and packaged as optimum as possible. 

  • first mapping and budgeting
  • Kii Three speakers + Kii Control
  • watertight and crushproof cases for Kii Three speakers with custom foaming
  • acoustic panels and -elements which are easy to install and transfer from one place to another + cases

  • extra audioprocessing
  • other necessary studio equipments to mobile racks like lunchboxes, converters, microphones etc . Also watertight and crush proof racks with floating frame are available, especially for air travelling.

Pro Studio REC - stripped concept which is optimal for recording somewhere on the field. Amount of channels are selectable and all the items are delivered only what is needed to so we can use what you already have.

  • first mapping and budgeting
  • Kii Three speakers + Kii Control + watertight and crushproof cases for Kii Three speakers with custom foaming. We can also select cheaper (but good!) monitors for this bundle
  • movable acoustic panels, walls and -elements
  • when needed: 500-series preamps, eq's, comps, converters, cables, microphones, monitoring for players, stands etc.
  • all packaged to flight cases or watertight and crushproof plastic racks with floating frames.

Our own studio is build with VAULT-concept so come to see and hear how it works. Ask more !

Why this kind of concept?

Many audioworker work from home, summer cottage, on the road, from abroad etc. and the work might need a traveling as well. One of key things to make your audio sound as good as it can be, is professional monitoring and that is the key thing in our concept.

Kii Three speakers - we recommend Kii Three speakers to our concepts. They work well in untreated room and are compact to carry on. How Kii Three speakers work, make them suitable for professional monitoring also when traveling or often changing place to work. Audio is thrown towards listener so room reflections, echoes and standing waves are minimized. You don't need to guess the result because you hear very well balanced speakers, not the room. Kii Three's are well known speakers in mastering as well as in recording and mixing. They go down to 20Hz so they are real beasts for pro monitoring when traveling. Look here how the Kii Threes work:

Room corrections - we recommend Trinnov system. If listening room and -place is changing a lot, this is a great tool to get good frequency response and correct phase issues. If we combine Kii Threes with some GIK acoustic panels and bass traps, we will get your monitoring system to very high level no matter where you are working.

Acoustic panels - we have been using GIK Acoustic products already many years and they are great in what they do. They are easy to install and easy to transport. They look good and product range covers basically everything.

Cases and racks- CC-Case Oy, which belongs to our corporation, has been delivering cases and racks with customizations since 1996 so we offer professional packaging and knowhow to you. Most of the products are "Military Grade" so your equipments will be traveling safely to destination. 

Studio equipments - we offer the brands we represent + all the other equipments what is needed for each project.

Financing - we offer Svea leasing so you can buy the whole package at one agreement. Agreement can also be updated if needed so your Pro Studio setup is always up to date and running smoothly.

Pro Studio-concept is always unique and is been built customer by customer. That is why we first map out what is needed and in what budget. This way you get the best setup as little investment as possible. Ask more !