Mastering Course - Pro Audio Mastering Academy

If you feel that LUFS, True Peak, Dither, M/S, Workflow, DAW, Headroom, ITB, OTB....are a bit confusing, we can help you with that. More working in practise, a little less theory. 

Mastering doesn't need cape or magician to drag bunnies from the hat. But if you wan't to be a good mastering engineer, you need to understand the basics and know what to do when you hear things which are not just right. Only that way you can start to get better results and start to develop your ears to be even better in mastering.

In our Mastering Training Academy, we are working with your own songs. You bring the mixes to training session and you get your mastered songs to go home with you.  

Topics in the training:

  • LUFS - what it is and what to do with it
  • ITB vs OTB vs Hybrid- which is better? Or is either better?
  • Mastering to different formats- CD, streaming, vinyl, cassette etc.
  • Workflow - how to build suitable workflow for you. What DAW? 
  • Plugins - millions to choose from. What to consider?
  • Importance of monitoring - monitors, acoustics, listening distance, frequency response, phases
  • Analog vs. digi - what is the difference? Is there any?
  • Mixing vs. Mastering - Role of Mastering Engineer. What to take into account when mixing ?
  • Tips to your own working. Equipments, monitoring, room, etc.. 

Training is for beginners or more advanced mixing- and mastering engineers who would like to update their knowledge or learn more. We are here to help so you don't need to be expert to join our training.  

Mastering Course for 1 Person, 2 days is 850 EUR, including VAT 24%

Mastering Course for 3 Persons, 2 days is 300 EUR/person, including VAT 24%

Ask an offer from the Full Package with larger theory section which takes 5 days to complete.

We also fulfil custom- and  school trainings. Ask more !  

Instructor is Tomi Kuusisto, who have made audiowork for 25 years. Best knowledge is gathered from abroad and thru experience. Total teaching days from different branch of science has build up around 1200 over the years.